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Duct Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality Solutions

It's time to say goodbye to Bad Air

Duct Cleaning

Our goal is to improve indoor air quality for homes and commercial buildings. Our thorough, professional air duct, HVAC system and dryer exhaust cleaning system removes dust, indoor air pathogens, odors and mold.

We inspect and clean the following systems:

  • HVAC system
  • Bathroom exhaust
  • Kitchen exhaust
  • Dryer vents
  • Ductwork

We also provide:

  • Filter service
  • HVAC and ductwork deodorizing
  • Photographic inspections
  • Construction debris control

Why do I need duct cleaning?
A well maintained and clean air system helps your heating and cooling system run more efficiently and creates a more comfortable indoor environment. We can remove any present mold and mildew from your duct work, lessen the amount of dust in your home, and eliminate odors caused by a neglected system.

Whether you're ready to improve the air quality of your home, commercial building or apartment complex, we're ready to provide the duct inspection and cleaning services you need.

Indoor Air Quality

Dust dancing all around you? Sight of mold making you green? These contaminants inside your house aren't just unsightly-they can cause poor indoor air quality, which impacts your home environment, comfort and health. Fortunately, industry-leading products like air purifiers, germicidal lights and dehumidifiers, working together with your heating and cooling system, make it possible to get rid of bad air for good.

Read the article "Three Steps to Indoor Air Quality" on the "Article and Tips" page of this web site about the hazards of poor indoor air quality and then contact us for a free home indoor air assessment and more information on how our Lennox products can reduce the indoor air pollution in your home or business.

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PureAir Air Purification System
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Healthy Climate UVC Germicidal Lights
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